Betterview Windows, like many other companies is thinking green. With so many different green products and ideas now coming out on the market we have been looking to see what products would not only be a match with Betterview windows strong belief in only offering the best of the best products, but also something that we know our customers would love and be able to benefit from as well. This is how we came across Greenergy and their innovative products. Below are two of the first products that Betterview is excited to offer our customers.

Solar Attic Fan

Small Investment, Big Savings!

Attic Fans are an easy and cheap way to GO GREEN!
Save money and keep your house cool.
Solar Attic Fans remove hot air and humidity from the attic which makes the house cooler.
Your electric bill for A/C will drop immediately.
Attic Fans fight against heat and moisture for no materials deterioration.
Can be installed in any climate and are adaptable to any type of roof.
The Attic Fans are even hurricane resistant.

Tubular Skylights

Bring light to your home or business!

Tubular skylights are an affordable way to bring daylight into any interior space.
Cheap and easy investment for any home or business!
Products will help you to enjoy savings as well as abundance of free natural light!

How does it work?

Throughout the day, the sun is captured in a roof top doom which redirects sunlight into reflective aluminum tube.
The diffuser then provides clean light into interior space.

Quality and beauty

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