AllStar Hurricane Shutters installs and manufactures hurricane shutters in a wide variety.  All of our products carry a Florida Product approval code and/or are Miami Dade certified, meaning that they always meet state and county requirements.  We take pride in our shutters knowing that in the defense of a hurricane they will keep homeowners safe and free of worry.  We have installed 1,000’s of hurricane shutters throughout Pinellas county and neighboring communities, from some of the tallest condominiums to single family residences, no job is too big or too small for us.  Our hurricane shutter installers are trained and experienced in multi-family and residential work with years of experience behind them.  You can take comfort in knowing that our installers know the products ins and outs so that your installation is truly hurricane safe. Our products and installers are truly All-Stars.

Roll Shutters

Roll Shutters (also known as Rolling Shutters, roll up shutters, roll downs etc.) are the most commonly requested hurricane shutter as they can be manual or motorized and even utilize a remote system. Rolling shutters are considered one of the most convenient shutters as they are easy to use and not only provide storm protection but can offer privacy, security and even shade from the hot Florida sun.

Florida Product Approvals FL12546 & FL5028

Accordion shutters

Accordion style Hurricane Shutters are another popular option in protecting your home. These shutters are ideal for a long, wide span. They are easy to operate as they open and close like the accordion instrument, in a folding manner, with little to no strain in movement as they glide on 2 tracks with wheels.

Florida Product Approval : FL5826

Clear Panels

Our Clear Hurricane Panels are manufactured with TPS.  These High performance, polycarbonate storm panels are ideal for homeowners that still want the protection but need to stay within a minimum budget.  The benefit to the clear panel vs aluminum and or steel is that they offer the same hurricane protection but because they are clear it allows the sunlight in so as not to leave you feeling as if you are in the dark.

Florida Product Approval FL6417

Armorscreen Hurricane Fabric

Armorscreen is the original patented fabric hurricane protection system. This product protects from wind driven rain and flying debris. The system is a unique interwoven design that provides a barrier from the rain and debris and still allows the natural light into your home.

Florida Product Approval FL8363

Quality and beauty

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