Hurricane Shutters for Hurricane season In the Clearwater & St. Petersburg Areas

Betterview WIndows and Allstar Hurricane shutters located in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg area, is already preparing for the coming hurricane season, which officially begins 06/01/11 and ends 11/30/11. Researchers and experts are already predicting a relatively busy season, predictions are at about 17 named storms, 9 of which will be hurricanes. Now will theses named storms or actual hurricanes come to the Clearwater or St. Petersburg area this year? We are honestly not sure, however we all need to be prepared. We do of course know that no one is ever truly prepared for what can happen,as the last 50 year average is 9.6 named storms and 6 hurricanes, we realize with 2011 early predictions we may once again be above the norm. Of course if and when one of these storms does head towards Pinellas county the best thing to do and really only thing to do to survive a major storm is to evacuate, but that is scary in and of itself. No one wants to leave their home alone but having hurricane protection on your home can elevate some of those worries as well as help avoid destruction of your home and the items inside. We offer Hurricane protection for just about any and every opening. With a variety of styles and options the best thing to do is to contact our office at 727-320-9343 and request a free in home estimate. For more information and pictures of some of our products you can view our Hurricane Shutters page.

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